Advocacy, Empowerment and Equity for the Modern LGBTQ Student

Student Stories

Today’s generation of college students are more empowered than ever to share their stories of life on campus. Explore our essays written by LGBTQ+ college students to understand how they navigate identity, advocacy, and campus life.

LGBTQ+ History and Campus Activism

History and activism are paramount to the learning and development of LGBTQ+ students. Take a look at the following articles to learn more about how history impact campus equity and inclusion for students.

Creating Safe Spaces for LGBTQ+ Students

There are many ways to build inclusive environments for LGBTQ+ students. Check out our videos that feature LGBTQ+ experts and explore how one of the top LGBTQ+ friendly colleges in the U.S makes safe spaces for LGBTQ+ students.

Career and Financial Resources for LGBTQ+ Students

Securing financial support and career guidance is crucial. Read these articles to discover opportunities for scholarships, grants, and career development for LGBTQ+ students.

Our Editorial Policy and Standards

Accuracy and editorial integrity are just a few of the values we at BestColleges pledge to uphold for the students who rely on us. We are committed to providing students with the educational resources they need to achieve their goals.

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